• Registered office and
    No. 10 Xinmi Xi Er Road
    Southern District of Tongzhou Economic Development Zone
    Tongzhou District Beijing
    the PRC
  • Principal place of
    business in Hong Kong
    7th Floor, Winbase Centre,
    208 Queen’s Road, Central,
    Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
  • Company SecretaryMr. Ip Pui Sum (葉沛森)
  • Authorised representativesMr. Ip Pui Sum (葉沛森)
    Ms. Yue Shujun (岳術俊)
  • Audit committeeMr. Ge Changyin (葛長銀) (Chairman)
    Mr. Tong Xiaobo (佟小波)
    Mr. Lin Yiming (林一鳴)
    Mr. Ho Wai Ip (何偉業)
  • Remuneration committeeMr. Tong Xiaobo (佟小波) (Chairman)
    Mr. Ge Changyin (葛長銀)
    Mr. Shi Chunbao (史春寶)
  • Nomination committeeMr. Shi Chunbao (史春寶) (Chairman)
    Mr. Ge Changyin (葛長銀)
    Mr. Ho Wai Ip (何偉業)
  • H Share RegistrarTricor Investor Services Limited
  • Compliance adviserChina Everbright Capital Limited
  • Principal bankFang Zhuang Branch of Bank of Beijing